Spiritual Connections

The Holy Cannabis flower is said to have its own individual spirit, the spirit of the Lord of Cannabis, the God Shiva.


Cannahuasca puts you in touch with yourself at the deepest levels where all structures of self-judgment vanish and your entire creativity is unleashed in its full glory!


Cannahusca dissovles boundaries and promotes compassion, togetherness, a sense of community and unconditional love towards our fellow human beings.

Shamanic Counceling

Journey deeply inwardly into the spirit realms under the safe care of an experienced Bhang Sadhu (Cannahusca Shaman) from the Indian-Subcontinent.

Cannahusca Outreach

We work together with the local community in order to facilitate safe Cannabis and Cannahuasca journeys for anyone seeking healing.

Cannahusca Community

Cannahusca Community is a sub-project of Cannahusca.US to spread awareness about the true physiological and psychological benefits of Cannabis using science and ancient wisdom tradition.


We have worked with many clients and we always like to hear what they have to say. Have a look what our clients said about us.

From our blog

Why Cannabis Is Vital To Humanity?

By hash on August 8, 2016

Cannabis has been prevalent since Man’s creation and has been enshrined in all cultures of humanity all over the world. Cannabis has been used since the prehistoric days of man. “Early man experimented with all plant materials that he could chew and could not have avoided discovering the properties of cannabis, for in his quest for seeds and oil, he certainly ate the sticky tops of the plant. Upon eating hemp the euphoric, ecstatic and hallucinatory aspects may have introduced man to an other-worldly plane from which´┐╝ emerged religious beliefs, perhaps even the concept of deity.

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